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Student Internship Application

Scotland County Health Department is always looking for passionate and talented individuals who would like to kick-start their careers through participation in our Internship program. To be considered, please complete the below form in its entirety. Thank you for your submission!

Your institution/school must have a contract with Scotland County Health Department before being considered for an internship opportunity. An existing contract with your institution/school and Scotland County Health Department does not automatically offer an agreement for placement within Public Health. 

Please check which program you are applying for.

Requested Internship or Job Shadowing Program

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Are you currently employed with Scotland County?

Acknowledgement of Workers’ Compensation Coverage:

Upon the submission of this application, I hereby acknowledge that I am not an employee of Scotland County Health Department or Scotland County and I am not covered under Scotland County’s Workers’ Compensation policy.

Certification of Information Provided:

I hereby certify and attest that the above informaton provided is true, correct and complete. I understand that any falsification of information will disqualify me from my current and / or future student internship programs opportunities with Scotland County.

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